“ In life's ​tapestry, a ​doula is the ​thread that ​stitches ​comfort and ​strength into ​your journey.”

-Tracy Mwalumba

About me

My name is Tracy , I am a dedicated Doula and Heartworker, ​specializing in providing support to individuals and families as they ​navigate life’s transitions.

Aside from being a trained Birth & Postpartum doula, I am also a ​certified Full-spectrum Doula. Through advanced studies, I have ​delved into various facets of reproductive health, encompassing ​fertility, surrogacy, mental health, breastfeeding, grief, and infant ​care.

Furthermore, I've undergone mentorship in Afro-indigenous ​practices, deepening my comprehension of perinatal care and the ​importance of ceremony. These studies have equipped me to offer ​additional support, including ceremonial guidance, herbal remedies, , ​homebirth, African traditional belly binding, womb massage and ​more.

My goal is to offer unwavering support that is both empathetic and ​personalized, empowering individuals through their unique journeys ​with understanding and encouragement.

Doula offerings

Labor & Birth S​UPPORT

Labour & Birth support for the birthing ​person and their family during pregnancy, ​birth and the immediate postpartum period. ​Package includes two in-person sessions, ​attendance during labor, and continuous ​virtual support throughout pregnancy.

Price : $1300 CAD


Invaluable assistance and guidance to ​families as they adjust to life with a ​newborn, providing practical help and ​emotional support during this ​transformative period. Overnight support ​also available.

Price : $40 per hour


Support can be tailored to your unique needs, ​ensuring that every aspect of your journey is ​addressed with care and compassion. As a full-​spectrum doula I am able to aid in any chapter ​of ​your story.

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